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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Decanate-Scorpio in the Ascendant Position

Decanate -

Scorpio in the Ascendant position

1st Decan of Scorpio

The first decan of Scorpio rising depicts a reserved, shrewd, secretive and proud disposition. There are two distinct types of people born under this sign, the extremely ignorant and the highly mystical. The former are inquisitive, deceitful, jealous and treacherous while the latter are prudent self-controlled and highly dignified. In many respects this is an unusual sign as it produces natives of one extreme or the other. The weakest people born under this influence are those who have no control over their criminal senses while the strongest are the mystical and intelligent.

2nd Decan of Scorpio

When the 2nd decan of Scorpio ascends it accentuates either of the extremes mentioned above. Fate is usually unfortunate and often disastrous. If the native is born into a wretched environment he rarely succeeds in raising himself above mediocrity. The natives of this position seldom produce their own opportunities and their life is simply in the hands of chance.

3rd Decan of Scorpio

The 3rd Decan of Scorpio rising awakens the sensitive nature of the sign and provides a keen desire for emotional attachment thus reducing the selfishness inherent in Scorpio's influence. However this position of Scorpio increases the jealous tendencies of the native. He will have to be extremely careful of this otherwise it may ruin his life.


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