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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Decanate-Aquarius in the Ascendant Position

Decanate -

Aquarius in the Ascendant Position

1st Decan of Aquarius

The first Decan of Aquarius ascending implies a refined sympathetic, and humane disposition. Fate depends upon the nature of friends and acquaintances the native gathers around him. He has the ability to read character, and study human nature, but he does not always act upon his own intuition. He must be careful not to let his sympathies over-rule his reason and intuition. The undeveloped Aquarian is often quiet and true, with good and kind intentions, but easily led by companions. He will often agree to do something without considering the results.

2nd Decan of Aquarius

The second Decan of Aquarius rising modifies the tendency to day-dream, as it renders the mind active and capable of intellectual attainment. It does not, however, provide sufficient continuity or concentration to qualify for literary or educational work. Fate is often affected by relatives and companions. Much of this influence will depend on the type careers and occupations in which the latter are involved.

3rd Decan of Aquarius

The third Decan ascending improves the Aquarius nature, providing more balance and a higher standard of intellect with very refined tastes and clear discrimination. This Decan attracts the native towards the occult and mystical side of life, as it often awakens the clairvoyant faculty. Fate is affected by marriage or love affairs, yet the native is not inclined towards marriage and he may well prefer a celibate life.



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