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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Significance Of Sign-Scorpio

Significance Of Sign-Scorpio  

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and its symbol is known as the Scorpion, a small animal from the spider family with a deadly poisonous sting in its tail. Its symbol implies a serpent also a lethal animal. It is said that in ancient times this sign was symbolized as an eagle, (it is the sign of generation, the human ability to produce new life.) Mankind, however, abused its high responsibility and brought the generative act down to the earthy level of sex alone. The symbol was then changed to a scorpion with the emphasis on its sting. Thus Scorpio came to be known as the sign of sex. This does not necessarily mean that Scorpio natives are more prone to sex troubles than the other signs, for everybody has Scorpio in his horoscope. In fact Scorpio natives are usually better equipped to deal with sex in an honorable manner. The sun's ingress of this sign is usually about October 23.

The history behind the symbol for Scorpio is important for a concise picture of Scorpio. The star Antares was considered, by the Persians, to be one of the four cornerstones of the temple of heaven. Its position in the sign Scorpio has given the eloquent everywhere, an excellent opportunity to delineate descriptive words of its appearance. All of these, once translated into English, refer to the heart of the Scorpion. The formation of the sign indicates the form of the Scorpion sent from the heavens to sting Orion, a mighty hunter convinced of his invulnerability. The sting was fatal but, in spite of his boastfulness, Orion was given consideration after his death. Because he was the son of Neptune and Queen Euryale, Orion had great influence. Therefore, he was placed in that part of the Zodiac which is in direct opposition to the sign Scorpio. As a result, when one constellation rises in the east, the other sinks in the west. In ancient civilization, both the Phoenix and the snake symbolized the Scorpion because both implied the notion of regeneration or rebirth. The phoenix was the mythical bird which was consumated by a fire of its own nest only to be reincarnated from its own ashes. The snake was also associated with regeneration because of its habit of shedding skin after moulting. This is why, in modern astrology, the eagle and the Scorpion are co-symbol of the sign Scorpio. However the Scorpion is generally used.

Scorpio is of the water element. Fixed in quality and reproductive in trinity. Some keywords are creativity, originality and desire. (Before continuing please review your chart of basic characteristics for Scorpio in Lesson III.) In nature, this sign is negative, feminine, powerful but dormant and silent. Some favorable attributes are strong-willed and unbegrudging. Some unfavorable attributes are restless, jealous and hot-tempered. He is secretive, dignified, persistent, exacting and magnetic. Scorpio seeks the power to put the world in its place, as he sees it. Ideas that are unknown to Scorpio are scoffed at. He takes the position that he is a realist and if something is not real or practical then it is wrong. He likes to use sweeping, final forms of expression that leave no doubt that he does not believe in an idea mainly because he did not think of it. He becomes very irritated if a subject is under discussion which he did not think of. He will argue with you, not so much because the premise of the idea is wrong but because you thought of it first. Scorpios do not like this, it is an attack on their personal power. This anger is deep and abiding, bothering them until they find a way to top you. The underlying reason, in one word, is jealousy. Scorpio is the most jealous of all the signs. What you have, if he does not have it, amasses more power for you. Anything that adds to your personality, position or knowledge is clearly a thing that might have been useful to him. It angers him that it did not occur to him first.

In the business world Scorpio has most success with those affairs paralleling the affairs of his birth sign. Things such as, occult endeavors, affairs of the dead, surgery, criminology and finance are among the things he can expect to succeed in. It is the partner sign to Taurus, the money sign. He also succeeds working along the lines suggested by the house in which the sun finds itself in his horoscope. In alliances such as business, fraternal or marriage, he gets along well with those born under his own sign or one that is opposite, trine or sextile to it. The Sun Moon relationship has been found to be excellent for marriage. Decanate division shows that those born when the sun was in the first decanate of Scorpio have resourcefulness, an excess of causative energy that always goads to action, a creative imagination and a tremendous absence of repressions. Those of the second decan are noted for responsibility, restrictions in expression, strength of character for either good or bad and vivid passions. Those of the third decan are noted for attainment, intense intuition, vivid ideals, the potency of sex sublimated to stimulate ideals and ambitions. The dignities of Pluto, the planetary ruler of Scorpio are it governs Scorpio and is exalted in Aries. Its debilities are: it is in its detriment when in Taurus and in its fall when in Libra. In mundane astrology Scorpio rules banking, morals of the people and serious epidemics that may cause many deaths.

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